Patty and Allen Eckman both have done a series of signed and numbered limited edition pieces. Except for the prints that Allen has done from the different works that both artists have completed, all of the limited editions are really limited edition originals, as each piece requires a lot of hands on sculpting. Some are even sculpted from scratch and or with much cast alteration sculpting. Bronzes in limited edition have always been recognized as limited edition originals and Allen's are no exception. The paper editions are much more original, however, because the paper requires quite a lot more chasing and hands on sculpting than both wax casts for bronze and bronze chasing.

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We have separated the limited edition works of both artists into sections. Patty's limited edition cast paper pieces and a few of Allen's are found here. Allen also has limited editions in Prints and Miniatures and Paper to Bronze.

Children Playing and Dancing

The seven pieces shown in thumbnails below show limited edition pieces Patty Eckman has of Indian children dancing and playing.

All of these pieces are freestanding limited edition of only 25 sculptures and the retail price includes the piece mounted and enclosed in an attractive 12"x 8"glass dome with wood base.


Little Eagle Dancing


Little Bear Dancing II


Little Bear Dancing III



Little Bear Dancing IV


Little Butterfly Bear


Little Bear Playing



The Baby Sitter



The pieces in this section are all creations of Patty Eckman (the price includes the display case). However if you want one that Patty did signed and numbered in the acrylic box this is it.


Three Lady Slipper Orchids


Protecting the Rose


The Rose



Tea Rose


Animal Heads

This section of animal heads is representative of a few of the many animals that Allen and Patty have done over the years. Other animals and heads can be done on request. These are all relief wall pieces and can be framed in an attractive acrylic box for an additional charge of $200. The price varies according to detail so the pieces such as the "Bear Head" and "Wolf Head" cost the most because it takes much more time to make the furry detail. The antler pieces are next because the antlers and horns on the "Bull Elk Head", "Big Horn Ram Head", "Bull Moose Head" and "The Longhorn" are completely sculpted from paper and no forms or molds are used. The "Buffalo Head" is the most popular and is more reasonably priced because it is completely done from molds with the woolly fluff detail added.


Bear Head


Wolf Head


Bull Elk Head



Big Horn Ram Head


Bull Moose Head


The Longhorn



Buffalo Head


Birds and Flowers

The pieces in this section widely range in size and detail and Patty Eckman creates all of them. These first three (Hummin') pieces all come in an attractive glass dome with a wooden base. All of the pieces featuring hummingbirds are lifesize.


Hummin' in the Bluebells II


Hummin' in the Roses


Hummin' in the Flowers



Egg Watcher


Porch Nesters


In the Garden



A Desert Tail


The Gathering Call



Butterflies and Insects

These pieces are all delightful little life-size pieces that all display in a beautiful clear acrylic pedestal box with base.


Monarch II




Swallow Tail


Rose and Butterfly

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