Patty and Allen Eckman both create One-of-a-Kind pieces and they often work together to create some of their large works of art. On this page and on the One-of-a-Kind series page you will see works in scales from 1/6th life-size to life-size. The pieces represented are only a fraction of the many one-of-a-kind pieces the couple has accomplished over the years. Some of the sections like Portraits include Commissions that are not in the Commissions section. Patty's Cradleboard Babies are located on the one-of-a-kind series page. Nearly all of the pieces in these pages and page sections have been sold but they serve as an example of the depth, volume and quality of the artists work as well as a catalog of some their past pieces. Collectors often look at these past creations and get ideas for new but similar pieces or combinations of these works for a new commission. Pieces that are still available are labeled Available.

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The following pieces are all commission pieces created in variety of scales from 1/6 life-size to life-size, many of which are large wall hangings. Over the years Allen and Patty have created hundreds of commissions for private collectors, celebrities and corporations. You may notice some of the other sections on the one-of-a-kind page also are commissions.


Apache Wilderness


Driving the Longhorns


Hawaiian Princess



Hula Girl


Lancers on Rocky Ground II


North West Trackers



Prairie Edge Encampment


Prairie Edge Powwow





Sitting Bull's Visions


To Save One


Tracking Geronimo



Where Eagles Pray


White Buffalo Lance


The Way




Patty and Allen really enjoy creating Native American Dance subjects and it shows in the elaborate detail and gestures of the dancers and their outfits.


Buffalo Spirit Dancer


Dog Soldier





Fancy Dancer II


Fancy Dancer III


Hoop Dancer Dancing Eagle



Hopi Buffalo Dancer


Powwow Butterflys


Powwow Practice



Powwow Practice II


Traditional Dancer


Traditional Dancer Powwow



Wolf Spirit Dancer


Freestanding Pieces

The pieces in this section are all pedestal pieces created in scales of 1/6, 1/4 and 1/3 life-size. "The Calf Roper" was purchased at Christine of Santa Fe fine art gallery by the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Georgia.


Blessing the Hunt


Calling the Buffalo


Chief Calling the Buffalo



Chief's Rock


Lacrosse Brothers


Offering the Medicine Horn



Offering the Medicine Pipe


Offering the Medicine Skull


The Calf Roper



The Sentinel


War Chief's Strong Prayer




Most of the portraits in these sections are commission pieces some of which are historic and some contemporary. The piece called "Buffalo Soldier-Sgt. Grover Hanks" is a contemporary in historic outfit. Grover is a Huston lawyer. The Service Memorials are all contemporary figures and one is Allen's self-portrait.


Allen Eckman's Svc. Memorial


Al Morgan's Svc. Memorial


Buffalo Soldier Grover Hank



Col. Al Morgan Soldier of War


Dr. Harry Depew


Dr. Harry Depew Svc Memorial





Geronimo on background


The Great Emancipator





Sgt. Allen Eckman Marking the LZ


Sitting Bull




Although most of these pieces done by Allen Eckman are wall hangings any of them could be done as freestanding pedestal pieces. Notice the variety of subjects and action. The buffalo and buffalo hunts are very popular with the artist and his collectors. These pieces were all created in a 1/6 or 1/4 life-size scale and many are commissions.


A Fight For Food


A Kiss for His Majasty





The Hunter, the Hunted and the Horse


In the Rut


Majestic Combat



One More


One More Bull


Rushmore Goats



Spirit Hunter




Getting Away


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